Hi and welcome to my blog where you can find out extra news about my journey as a Female Indie-artist.

To say a little bit more about myself…I am a singer-song and Producer as well as a budding musician but I like to really label myself as an artist-producer. 

Music has been apart of my whole life  (i know you might have heard that line before but its true lol). I am really passionate about music and have quite a few influences that I look up too such as Grace Jones, FKA-Twigs, Sia, Jimmy Sommerville, Erasure, Laura Mvula, Ellie Goulding and Skunk Anansie, the list could go on…

My passion for music and the variety of influences I have been listening to has become a big part of my musical journey.

Lyrically, I write about relatable life experiences and the journey that my music is taking me… 

My third single will be released on the 18/11/17 and I cannot wait for you all to hear it.

Have you had a listen to my previous releases? If you haven’t feel free to explore!


Welcome to my second Blog!!!

I will never forget my interview with a music company for indie artist’s called Exposed Vocals, and was approached at the beginning of promoting my single “Where Has The Loving Gone?”. It was an experience I will never forget, especially as it’s my second release. What surprised me the most was that they are from the USA!! (unexpected).

Since then my music was played on; Phoenix FM 98.0 UK, as well as my track being announced as an exclusive and rotationally played on Kiss FM Phoenix 104.7 Phoenix, Arizona.

What made things even more visible was the number of views after my track was played and recorded for those who weren’t able to catch it on air ( for us internationals). 123,002 views (Phoenix FM)  and 83,008 (Kiss FM Phoenix) views so far on their website. 

The single also received a single review and press review by IndieSpoonful – “Chan Gibbons resurrects the 80’s with universal appeal for today’s market. Her entrancing song “Where Has The Loving Gone” is hypnotic”.

Exposed Vocals also reviewed “Where Has The Loving Gone?” by Rebecca Cullen – “The musical backdrop alone would make for a fairly enjoyable bit of audible escapism. The fact that this powerful, meaningful, memorable song exists in unison with it, and furthermore, that this song has been delivered with such strength and realness, simply multiplies extensively the lasting effect that the whole thing has on you as you listen.”

I thought ‘this must be it…what else could happen?’, then an independent US magazine called Brash Magazine decided to write a whole page about me which blew me away! “There’s so much in store for this new Electronic-Pop sensation on the rise. UK’s finest in her music ability. Bringing a soulful melody to pop music.” 

My gratitude is through the roof and I am super excited to release my NEW single ‘It’s Not Easy…’ on the 18/11/17 (SATURDAY) look out for it guys it’s going to be worth your while!!

Press play to hear a snippet of what’s coming your way!!








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